What Are Your Technology Needs For 2007?

by | Feb 12, 2007 | Week in Geek

The latest Accounting Technology asked readers, “What is your biggest technology need for 2007?”

Here are a few selected responses from the magazine.

  • “Better backup solutions for our customers.” – Bryan L. Wilton, InterDyn Progressive Group
  • “An integrated practice management application.” – Gary C. Crouch, CPA, CITP, MCP, Crouch, Slavin & Co.
  • “To get our website developed.” – Linda Fletcher, A-Soft Professionals
  • “Faster, more reliable wireless.” – Mike Palmatier, Sikich LLP

These are all great ideas. Even though it’s already February, it’s still a good time to assess your technology needs for the year. What do you need to upgrade? Is there new software or hardware that you can use to make your business more efficient? What do you have right now that’s working well enough for you to provide a best practice to others in your industry? 

We’ve heard from some Accounting Technology readers, let’s hear from some FromGregsHead readers! What are your technology needs for 2007?

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