Here’s the Recruiting Timeline You Need to Know

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Recruiting, Insight-Post

If this is your first time navigating recruiting with accounting firms, don’t worry – we got you. We understand that it can be overwhelming and you might not know what to expect, so here is one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists, Emily Marsh, to give you a heads up of what to know during for the PKF Texas recruiting timeline.

Jen: PKF Texas is where you go to grow personally and professionally. We are dedicated to appreciating your career while making you feel appreciated all along the way. I’m Jen Lemanski and I’m here with Emily Marsh, our talent acquisition specialist at PKF Texas. Emily, welcome back.

Emily: Hi, Jen. Thanks for having me.

Jen: So, we’ve been touching on a lot of different recruiting topics, but one thing we haven’t touched on yet is the timeline. So, what does it look like when either we’re pursuing a candidate, or a candidate submits their resume to us?

Emily: The first and foremost, the best place to find any of our job openings is going to be on our LinkedIn page or on on our careers page. So, you’ll be able to find all of those job openings available on those pages. And then once you apply, someone from your recruiting team is going to reach out to you, and they will guide you through the whole process.

Jen: So, Emily, what do the different steps look like with the interview process?

Emily: Sure. Someone from your recruiting team is going to reach out to you and discuss your options. And then moving forward in the interview process, you’ll get to meet with different Directors, Senior Managers, Managers on the team that you’ll be working with specifically either in person or virtual. We do have that hybrid remote flexibility. So, you’ll be able to get to know the team that you would be potentially working with and see our office and get a feel for our culture.

Jen: Are there any other things that candidates should know before they hit that apply button?

Emily: Just try and be yourself and get to learn as much as you can about PKF Texas and the process.

Jen: Perfect. Well, we’ll get you back to talk about some more recruiting topics. Sound good?

Emily: Sounds great.

Jen: When we say Approachable Advisors™, we mean it. Our team is available and eager to assist you in your career. At PKF Texas we call that, appreciating you. Visit to learn more.


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