What Career Growth Looks Like at PKF Texas

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Recruiting, Insight-Post

As you experience career growth, there are many ways you develop your skills and progression. At PKF Texas, you are the navigator of your career, so you decide where you want to take it. We’re here with the tools, resources and support to guide you along the way. What are some of the options? Talent Acquisition Specialist, Emily Marsh, and Practice Growth Senior Manager, Jen Lemanski, share some ideas with you.

Jen: PKF Texas is where you go to grow personally and professionally. We are dedicated to appreciating your career while making you feel appreciated all along the way. I’m Jen Lemanski and I’m back once again with Emily Marsh, our Talent Acquisition Specialist here at PKF Texas. Emily, welcome back.

Emily: Hi, Jen. Thanks for having me.

Jen: So, in my intro I said we help grow people personally and professionally. What does it look like at PKF Texas for us to help grow them professionally?

Internal Career Growth

Emily: Yeah, absolutely. So, a lot of the things that we do or offer our associates or employees to grow professionally… When you first come in, you’re going to have either both a buddy and a mentor – basically to assist you through that, your career growth and help you grow within PKF Texas.

We do also offer different leadership trainings. We do those pretty early in your career to set you up for success that way as well. And then we also put on different trainings during your onboarding process to get you acclimated to our processes, as well as learning more information through there. And then you have the ability to lead technical trainings as well to assist in those specific niche areas being able to do those. So, I know you work a lot in the marketplace as well with different items.

External Career Growth

Jen: Yeah, we do, and we help place people in speaking engagements. We seek out presentations for them, whether it’s through the Texas Society of CPAs, the Houston Society, various other marketplace organizations. They’re always looking for speakers to talk about various accounting topics, whether it’s a budgeting 101 or something about tax legislation. We’re happy to provide speakers for the marketplace, so you’ve got the opportunity to do that.

We also get our team members involved in our content generation in terms of writing. If you’ve got an interest in writing, people are able to do that through our Journalism Advisory Group.

We also love people to sit on boards. Lots of marketplace organizations need treasurers, and they’re happy to have a CPA sit on those boards that way.

And then also, just straight networking opportunities. We really want our folks to learn our business, grow our business, help us grow our business, whether it’s finding candidates for us or whether it’s finding business opportunities and business referrals. And we provide training around that, of course, and make sure that you’re not just going out into the marketplace cold. But we really like to get folks involved really where their skills and talents lie. It seems like all sorts of opportunities.

Emily: Absolutely.

Jen: Perfect. Well, we’ll get you back to talk a little bit more. Sound good?

Emily: Sounds great.

Jen: When we say Approachable Advisors™, we mean it. Our team is available and eager to assist you in your career. At PKF Texas we call that, appreciating you. Visit PKFTexas.com/Careers to learn more.

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